Month: May 2018

February 13, 2018 Cody Saintgnue: Interview for Risk Mag


Interview by Ryan Cahill

“Moving out to LA. I basically gave up the whole normalcy of my childhood” rising star Cody Saintgnue tells me of the biggest risk he’s ever taken. We’re sat in the suite of The Bailey’s Hotel, a large hotel in West London. The expansive, repetitive corridors make it feel as though we’re trapped inside at the centre of an intricate maze. Admittedly, it’s taken me at least ten minutes to locate room 429, which was falsely described as “on the fourth floor to the right”.

We’re alone in the room, and there’s something about Saintgnue’s demeanour that makes me feel that he’s a little uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the prospect of the impending interview and shoot, maybe it’s the jarring opulence of the room within which we sit. “I came out there with my mom that adopted me, who I love so much, and my dog Patches, and I never looked back” he expands on his move to Los Angeles at the age of 14. Before his foray into acting, Saintgnue lived in Dayton, Ohio with his adoptive parents following his placement into foster care at the age of 9. After a successful venture into the world of modelling, which saw him win a Model and Talent Expo in Texas, he upped and left to Los Angeles, intent on making it in the world of entertainment. Since then, he’s been on a steady path to acting prowess, appearing in a diversity of roles which explore a multitude of colourful characters, gaining critical acclaim for his portrayal of bisexual werewolf, Brett Talbot in Teen Wolf.

As he settles into his surroundings the initial awkwardness fades and Saintgnue opens to me about the importance of challenging the status quo, the imperative need for diverse representations in film and television, and why we shouldn’t judge a celebrity by their media coverage…