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June 21, 2018 Dylan O’Brien POKES FUN At Post-Teen Wolf Career In Fi...

After eight long years, Dylan O’Brien makes his grand return to YouTube in the most hilarious way possible.

I guess no one told Dylan O’Brien life was gonna be this way after Teen Wolf ended.

These days, life has been pretty chill for Dylan. Maybe a little too chill. But we’re sure fans aren’t too mad about Dylan’s lack of work these days because it just means he has more time to make YouTube videos. And after eight long years away from YouTube, Dylan posted his first video and it was everything we all could’ve hoped for.

In a hilarious mockumentary video, Dylan is seen driving around the mean streets of Los Angeles to show the world what exactly he’s been up to since his last acting gig ended likeee, roughly nine months ago.

Clearly Dylan has been doing a lot of important things during his off time. Aside from lazily cleaning out his pool in his underwear, the cameras also captured Dylan tapping into his inner Elsa as he prepared for an audition for a role in ‘Frozen 2.’
But as amazing as Dylan sounded during his at home rehearsals…

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned when Dylan showed up for his audition.

Better luck next time, right Dylan?

So what did you guys think of Dylan’s return to YouTube? Do you think he should continue creating content for it or should he try harder at finding more acting jobs?

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