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Hey there, handsome! The fellas brought their A-game to the Video Music Awards, and we’re celebrating all of their good looks on the red carpet.

Everyone is always focused on female fashion on nights like these, but we have to take a moment to praise the fine men who also graced us with their presence at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. On Sunday, August 27, plenty of your favorite dudes came out to play, including the always good looking Teen Wolfstar, Tyler Posey, 25. We love how he kept it casual in a black t-shirt and matching jeans with an olive green button down on top. The short sleeves not only kept him cool, but also showed off his sexy arm tattoos. But, Tyler was only one of the many hunks we were staring at on the VMAs carpet!

Shawn Mendes, 19, really took dapper to a new level for MTV’s big night. He rocked a dark blue suit which was perfectly tailored, along with a button down that added a little fun and flair to his look.Dylan Sprayberry, also 19, also rocked blue for the night, with dress pants and a vest that showed off his muscular physique. He matched his Teen Wolf co-star, Tyler, by wearing black underneath. Actually, blue really seemed to be the color of the nightbecause everyone’s favorite DJ/producer,Calvin Harris, 33, also wore the color! He went for a lighter shade in dress pants, and added a 70’s-style long sleeve button down in white with a blue feather design.

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August 24, 2017 With Only 5 Episodes Left, Will ‘Teen Wolf’ Leav...

Only five episodes remain for Scott McCall’s pack in Teen Wolf, and Season 6 has introduced new characters and new evils at a lightning-fast pace, sometimes to the point of confusion. With all of the wheels in motion, fans have to wonder if there will be time to conclude every plot, answer questions that are still hanging in the air, and resolve character arcs before the finale airs.

Perhaps many of these points of contention won’t be buttoned up until the podcast or the revival of the series, which is already beginning to be discussed. But it doesn’t seem fair to leave viewers hanging when they’ve spent the last six years devoted to this series. Let’s take a look at the characters and the issues that need resolution before we say goodbye to the residents of Beacon Hills.

Kate Argent Needs To Be Found And Destroyed

Presumably Kate will return in the last five episodes, but she had a fairly large arc previously, so having her pop in for one episode won’t do the character justice. On top of that, she was difficult to kill the first time around, so ending her life too easily will seem like a cop-out. If there is any justice, she’ll end her father, Gerard’s, life for Scott McCall’s pack, saving them some trouble.

Will We See Peter Hale again?

Derek’s uncle has been conspicuously missing from Beacon Hills this season even though he played a fairly substantial role in Season 6a. As Malia’s father, he wanted to protect her when she was in danger, and now that his daughter is being hunted, shouldn’t he be present? It’s a little disconcerting that he hasn’t shown up before now, and it will be disappointing if he isn’t present for a significant portion of the final episodes.

The Creature From The Wild Hunt Needs To Be Destroyed

Now that the town’s supernatural beings know they are being hunted by Gerard Argent’s team, their focus will shift to staying alive. Yet, there is a creature that needs to be dealt with, the one that is causing fears to escalate in Beacon Hills.

So along with fighting Argent, McCall’s pack will need to squeeze in time to eliminate this entity, and since this thing is a new introduction this season, it shouldn’t be disposed of too quickly or easily.

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