September 8, 2017 The Most Unattractive Trait

Now few minutes, Arden Cho posted that Video on her youtube account:


September 8, 2017 Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Kitsch talk “American A...

September 8, 2017 Dylan O’Brien Gets Candid About Maze Runner Accident &...



September 7, 2017 Can Gerard Be Stopped From Wiping Out Teen Wolf‘s Supernatur...

The old man is on a very evil mission

Gerard wasn’t kidding around when he adopted the “kill them all” mantra.

The latest episode of Teen Wolf showed us just how determined the old man is to obliterate the supernatural population — and his vendetta is going beyond Beacon Hills.

When Scott and Malia stumbled upon Gerard’s trophy room — and a few key body parts belonging to both Jiang and Tierney (RIP) — they also came across the evil Argent patriarch’s map of the world, marked with a series of red dots on seven very specific locations: Beacon Hills, Brazil, Greenland, France, Africa, China and Russia.

Once the crew gathered to decipher their findings (primarily, one stolen map), they determined that the red dots represented a bunch of glorified tree stumps — also known as nemetons, which are sacred beacons for the supernatural kingdom.

“If you wanted to kill every supernatural creature in the world, these are where you would start,” Chris Argent explained.

But can Gerard be stopped? (Please say yes. He must be stopped.) The sneak peek of next week’s ep gives us a glimpse at Deucalion, who says the only way to stop Gerard’s evil plan is to literally kill the old bat. Scott and his pack have taken down some pretty seemingly unstoppable a-holes, so we’d like to think they stand a solid chance. Do you agree? Sound off, and join us next Sunday at 8/7c for an all-new Teen Wolf.

September 6, 2017 C’est Prune: Froy

Prune: You are a new face in the industry. Take me back to where it all began.

Froy: Oh my gosh, what a question. In middle school, I quit the swim team because I wanted more time to study, but ended up having too much free time. I signed up for a play, an agent saw me and it kind of snowballed. I did some small audition tapes, and now I’m on Teen Wolf.

Prune: It’s never an easy process. What was your big break?

Froy: I don’t think I’ve had that yet. I’m waiting for something to fall out of the sky and hit me. Every small event that I get to do and person that I get to meet – I geek out to expediential measures. Even character actors that most people wouldn’t recognize – I love to read books and I read The Dangerous Animals Club by Stephen Tobolowsky when I was in middle school, and I was on a show with him last year for Netflix, and that just blew my mind.


September 6, 2017 Colton Haynes’s Sexy Appearance on AHS: Cult Makes Wat...

From the secondAmerican Horror Story: Cult premiered on Tuesday, it was a damn nightmare. Starting off the episode by reliving 2016’s brutal election night in a far too-real depiction is enough to cause some horror, but then add in a sh*t ton of clowns for the next hour, and well, our neighbors might’ve heard some screaming. But all of that doesn’t matter by the end of the episode, because Colton Haynes happens to show up as Detective Samuels. Thanks to his icy blonde haircut and sexy a*s suit, it was almost hot enough to make us forget about those clowns.

He may be investigating the murder of Ally and Ivy’s neighbors (who were possibly killed by clowns), and he might be a damn clown himself the way he claims it was a murder-suicide (really, man?), but his chiseled facial features and undeniable swagger have us ready, willing, and able to endure the horrorthat is season seven (which we’re callingAmerican Horror Story: Colt from now on).


September 5, 2017 Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Kitsch talk “American A...

The world met fictional CIA super agent Mitch Rapp back in 1999 in a series of novels by the late author, Vince Flynn. Now the character is moving to the big screen in “American Assassin.” Stars of the CBS Films and Lionsgate action thriller, Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Kitsch, join “CBS This Morning” to discuss their new film with actor Michael Keaton.


September 5, 2017 Auditions & Rejection – Coffee Talk with Arden ft...

September 4, 2017 ‘Jackson & Ethan Return’ Official Sneak Pee...