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August 16, 2017 Teen Wolf 6×13 behind the scenes – Tyler Posey as...

August 16, 2017 Colton Haynes Says “American Horror Story: Cult” Is Going to...

As summer wraps up and back-to-schoolseason begins, the latest installment of American Horror Story is just around the corner. And of course, the mastermind behind the show, Ryan Murphy, has dropped just enough terrifying hints to get us excited about AHS: Cult.

We know a couple of things so far: It’s set just after the 2016 election, it’ll take place inMichigan, and there’s going to be a whole bunch of new characters played by the likes ofBillie Lourd, Allison Pill, and more.

It sounds like it’s going to be absolutely riveting. And now AHSnewcomer (and Teen Wolf veteran) Colton Haynes has us even more stoked about the upcoming season.

During an interview with ET Online, Colton said that he has tweeted about AHS “every season” and now he’s finally joining the cast. He also gushed about working wth his fellowAHS actors.

“Now I’m one of the main characters in the show, and I’m like, freaking out still,” Coltonsaid. “To look at Sarah Paulson or Evan Peters or anyone and actually act with them is the most incredible feeling in the world. And they’re so nice, so talented. The crew’s nice, Ryan Murphy’s the best. I think this is going to be the best season yet.”

American Horror Story: Cult premieres September 5 on FX.

August 14, 2017 Tyler Posey & Tyler Hoechlin Jokingly Mix Up Their Line...

Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin are too funny!

The actors, who star together on Teen Wolf, took the stage at the2017 Teen Choice Awards held at USC’s Galen Center on Sunday (August 13) in Los Angeles.

“We have a problem,” they said while presenting. “They just put the name Tyler in front of all the lines.”

Tyler P. wore a maroon-colored suit, while Tyler H. wore all black with a “Love is Louder” shirt.

Tyler is up for Choice Summer TV Actor against Noah Centineo(The Fosters), Cody Christian (Teen Wolf),Kyle Harris (Stitchers),David Lambert (The Fosters), and Harry Shum Jr.(Shadowhunters).

Pics here

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August 13, 2017 ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6: Will Cody Christian return despite The...

Fans are hoping Theo has survived and will return in ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Episode 13.

Last week’s episode of “Teen Wolf” Season 6 certainly opened with a shocking scene as #Cody Christian finally made an appearance. However, things did not go too well for #Theo Raeken as he found himself being hunted by a gang of hunters.

But is Theo really dead? Some fans refuse to believe that the former bad guy has been shot and killed in the final season. Could this mean that Cody Christian will still return in “Teen Wolf” Season 6 Episode 13?
“Raw Talent” certainly revolved around the search for whoever it was that made a new Argent bullet that killed the other Hellhound in the premiere episode.

Since Chris Argent vehemently denied making the bullet, it was no surprise when Gerald finally emerged from the shadows to congratulate the cruel guidance counselor for being a gifted hunter. However, it was the opening sequence of the 12th episode that had fans talking.
The episode opened with Theo’s welcome return. Unfortunately, Beacon Hills is evidently a dangerous place for werewolves these days. Theo’s nap in his vehicle was interrupted by a strange spider then immediately followed by an attack from hunters.

The sequence concluded with a barrage of gunfire suggesting Theo was killed in “Raw Talent.” Nevertheless, fans refuse to believe that they have seen the last of Cody Christian‘s character.

People simply cannot accept the suggestion of Theo being killed by the hunters.

There are speculations that the former baddie survived and could still be back in the 13th episode. After all, Cody Christian has previously shared a photo of his character in what appears to be Deaton’s clinic which could mean he was found and treated by Scott McCall‘s boss.

The 13th episode of the sixth season could confirm that Theo is alive and well. However, the most exciting thing about “After Images” is that the episode is Tyler Posey‘s directorial debut. The actor is understandably pleased with his new achievement since he received “a different kind of respect” for the people who work behind the scenes of the MTV show.

“Even though they really liked me and had respect for me before, this was a different kind of respect,” Posey said. It certainly sounds like “After Images” could be one of the most memorable episodes of the beloved series.

Find out if Cody Christian will return as Theo in “Teen Wolf” Season 6 Episode 13, which airs on MTV on August 13. #Teen Wolf season 6

August 12, 2017 Tyler Posey ‘Loved Loved Loved’ Directing This Weekend’s ‘Te...

This weekend, we’re getting an extra special Teen Wolf — because Tyler Posey directed it!

The actor opened to TVGuide about what it was like stepping behind the camera for the show.

“It was cool because I’ve been working with these people for years, and once I came around on the other side of the camera, I showed how excited I was,” he says. “I had a willingness to work hard and make this a really great episode.”

Tyler adds, “I got a lot of respect from the crew, even though they really like me and had respect for me before, it was a different kind of respect.”

“It felt really solid and I felt like we were peers. It was really cool. I loved it.”

August 10, 2017 ‘Teen Wolf’: Tyler Posey Teases Scott & Malia’s ‘Really...

Everyone’s seen that Scott and Malia shower scene in the ‘Teen Wolf’ trailer, and Tyler Posey told EXCLUSIVELY that he is all for the Scalia romance!

“I love it, dude,”Tyler Posey, 25, toldHollywoodLife.comat our sister site Variety’s Power of Young Hollywoodevent on Aug. 8. “Shelley [Hennig] is a great friend of mine, and I think she’s super talented. I’ve always loved the character of Malia, and the storyline, it makes sense. It’s really sweet. My favorite types relationships are started by best friends hanging out, you know, and being there for one another, and then it kind of organically happens. And that’s what happened there. So, I love it. I’m all for it.”

The foundation for Scott and Malia’s romance has been gradually building over the course of season 6. They’ve always been friends, but now there’s something more between them. Things will definitely take a romantic turn in the final 10 episodes. Shelley Hennig, 30, told us EXCLUSIVELY at SDCC that she thinks“Scalia fans will be happy” with how the relationship turns out.

The final 10 episodes will also feature the return of fan faveslike Dylan O’Brien, 25, Tyler Hoechlin, 29, and Colton Haynes, 29. Tyler admitted it was great to have some of his best friends back on the Teen Wolf set. But who was Tyler most excited to see? “Dude, it’s impossible to say,” he told us. “I loved all those guys so much. I was so craving to work with them as a Teen Wolfcast again. It’s impossible to say. Dylan [O’Brien] is my homie, but he was there not that long ago. Colton [Haynes] was probably away the longest, so it was great seeing Colton again with his platinum hair. What a badass.”

Tyler will be making his directorial debut on the Aug. 13 episode of Teen Wolf. “I’ve been waiting to do it for a really long time, and I loved it so much,” he dished. “So we’ll see what comes of it. I really want to keep doing it.” Teen Wolfairs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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August 10, 2017 Daniel Sharman and Bradley James Join Netflix’s ‘Medici’ (EX...

The producers of Netflix’s “Medici: Masters of Florence” have completed casting for season two, with Daniel Sharman andBradley James among the new names on the Frank Spotnitz and Nicholas Meyer-created Italian period drama, Variety has learned.

An international cast is headed by Sharman (“Fear the Walking Dead”), who will take the lead role, playing a young Lorenzo the Magnificent in 15thcentury Florence. James (“Damien”) will star as his brother Giuliano.

Shooting on the €24 million ($28 million), eight-episode, series gets underway in Rome on August 24. Other key cast members for season two include Julian Sands (“Gotham”) as Lorenzo and Giuliano’s father, Piero, and Sebastian De Souza (“Crossing Lines”) as their friend, Sandro Botticelli.

The sophomore season of “Medici” is set 20 years after the events of the first. A young Lorenzo, the nephew of Richard Madden’s character Cosimo from the first series, is forced to take over the family bank, which has been mismanaged by his father.

As Lorenzo, his brother, and Botticelli set about trying to make Florence a great financial and cultural center, they face off against the Pazzi family, and Pope Sixtus IV, played by Raul Bova (“Alien vs. Predator”).

Sean Bean had already been announced as the Medici family’s nemesis Jacopo Pazzi. Lorenzo’s mother is played by Sarah Parish “Hatfields & McCoys”) and his mistress by Alessandra Mastronardi (“Master of None”).

The series is produced by Italy’s Lux Vide, public broadcaster Rai’s drama unit, and Frank Spotnitz’s company Big Light. “The X Files” writer Frank Spotnitz created the series with “Star Trek’s” Nicholas Meyer. U.S. showrunner Jon Cassar of “24: Legacy” and “24: Live Another Day” will direct.

“Medici: Masters of Florence” will be a Netflix Original in the U.S., U.K., Canada, India, and Taiwan and Rai is the broadcaster in Italy. Altice Studio is a co-production partner and has it for its SFR Play streaming service in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. In Spain, it is with Telefonica’s Movistar Plus.

August 10, 2017 Arden Cho & Sasha Pieterse To Star in ‘Honored’ Movie w...

Two of our fave actresses — Arden Cho and Sasha Pieterse — are teaming up to star in a brand new movie together.

Along with Meghan Rienks andKarreuche Tran, the four will star inHonored, which is described as a “high-school buddy comedy revolving around childhood BFFs.”

According to Variety, the film is being executive produced by Zoe Saldana’s company, Cinestar Pictures and will be directed by Elissa Down.

In Honored, a falling out among four friends leads them grow apart.

By senior year, Piper (Rienks) has turned into the class clown/party girl; Sophie (Tran) pledges to stay a virgin until she’s married and has created a purity app. Isabella (Pieterse) is the feminist femme fatale who’s a zine editor, and while Honor’s (Cho) dream of becoming a professional ballerina is taking off.

When tragedy strikes, the former BFFs reunite and carry out all the stunts from their eighth-grade list — from jailbreaking the school mascot to getting back at bitchy cheerleaders. The girls navigate body shaming, sex, and the high-school party culture, ultimately rediscovering their friendship even if it means saying goodbye forever to someone they love.

The film’s cast also includes Lauren Weedman, Graham Sibley, Ethan Peckand Chris Mason.

Check out one of the first looks fromArden below!